Pamela Nehring was honored by the Iraqi Mutual Aid Society at the IMAS Annual Gala for her service on the board, where she served as Secretary and Treasurer from 2010 to 2016.


DMG sponsored the Warrior for Life Luncheon at Gibsons on Rush Street.


Jeffrey Scolaro presented on "Practical Advice for Trying Your Case" at the Chicago Bar Association. 


Jeffrey Scolaro presented on "Reduction in Worklife Expectancy Theory" at the NARTC Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.


Pamela Nehring presented on "Legal Updates: Developments in the Clean Water Act" at the 2016 ARDA Annual Meeting


Dan Mohan was an instructor at the NARTC Trial College in Dallas, Texas.


Dan Mohan, Jeff Scolaro and Sean Gingrich all spoke at the Midwest Claims Conference in Bloomingdale, IL.


Ray Groble presented on Mitigation of Damages and Reduced Work Life Expectancy at the 2016 NARTC Winter Meeting.